Building an Outdoors That Wows

Many homeowners have cozy backyards. They have a patio set on the deck with a small fire pit. They have some benches scattered around the yard. There’s a nice rock path to a garden. These are all great additions to add value to your home. What do you do, though, when you really want your outdoor spaces to wow visitors? Here are three ideas to take your outdoors and hardscaping to the next level.

Get Artistic

Most people turn to artwork to spruce up the interior of their home, but what about the exterior? How many people think about incorporating artwork into their exterior spaces? Some artists specialize in the outdoors. They can be commissioned to create works of art to adorn your yard and become the crowning piece of your outdoor living area. A great example of this is the steel sphere fire pit which is a work of art. While beautiful on its own, once lit with fire from within, it becomes truly magical.

Go Big

Instead of a small deck or patio, what if you turned you outdoors space into a true outdoor living area? Consider doing large scale construction. Add an ample covered living area complete with electricity, lighting and fans. Include a built-in fireplace and barbecue. Leave room for designer furniture to complement the style you bring to your outdoor space.

Get Wet

Water features are great for outdoor spaces. Pools are also a great addition. If you want to wow, though, consider combining the two. Imagine a rock face next to your pool with a waterfall that feeds directly into the water. By incorporating these two elements, you can make your exterior shine and stand out.

Are you ready to take your exterior to the next level? To really stand out, consider commissioning an artist, building an extensive outdoor living area and installing an epic swimming pool and water feature.

Three Reasons to Insulate Your Home

You’ve bought your first home. It has a shine to it as you sign the papers and pick up the key. And, when the front door opens and you cross the threshold, you are aglow with anticipation. That is until you realize it’s too cold. Or, if you buy it in the summer, too hot. Plus, the road noises that weren’t noticeable before are certainly prominent now in your upstairs bedroom. Furthermore, you’re floored when you get the first utility bill. The energy you used to keep the house warm or cool resulted in a monthly total nearly equal to your first mortgage payment.

What’s the problem?

You bring in insulation contractors maryland to check the drywall, the HVAC unit, and the attic or crawlspace. When done, they come up with the following conclusion: you need more insulation. Particularly in the walls and near the roofline. While you ponder this, here are three reasons why you need this protector in your home.

Temperature stability

When you have a blown-air system, both hot and cold air have a hard time reaching the home’s upper floors. So, when you lack insulation, certain areas of the house can get too warm or chilly depending on the season. The proper amount of spray insulation from a company like Mid-Atlantic Spray Foam balances out the temperatures within days. Once it does, problem areas around the home become more comfortable no matter the outside temperatures.

Cost savings

While insulation is a large cost, your return on investment will be seen in the first utility bill after the project is done. As the interior temperatures level off, it won’t be necessary to push the thermostat too high or low. Thus, your electricity and gas bills will be reduced.

Noise reduction

Without enough insulation, you’ll hear sounds from outside and nearby rooms. The application of spray insulation deadens those sounds so your privacy increases. If you need to do this for the first time, consider talking to an insulation contractor. They will measure your surfaces and determine the right amount of shielding so your home is comfortable and quiet.

Why You Should Make the Investment in Solar Energy

Making The Switch

Whether you own a home or a business, you’re going to be faced one day with the choice of whether you want to switch to solar technology for power or not. Some homeowners and businesses might not want to make the solar investment New Jersey. This is a mistake. Investing in solar is a great decision. This article will explain why.

1. Increase Home Value

For homeowners, investing in solar power can actually increase your home’s value. This is because clean and renewable energy resources are becoming more and more desired in people’s homes. Since the change hasn’t swept across the country in droves just yet, you can offer something to potential buyers that other sellers can’t.

2. Saves Money

There is no argument that by having solar panels installed and having solar energy as your main source of electricity, you save money. It’s just logic. You’re not relying on the power companies and coal to power your home. Instead, you receive free power from the sun. In fact, if you overproduce electricity, you can actually have the power companies offer to buy power from you. Instead of paying for your electricity, you can have the power of the sun work for you instead.

3. Cleaner Environment

Perhaps the most important reason to make the change to solar energy is that it cleans up the environment. Coal leaves a large carbon footprint behind. Solar energy doesn’t harm the environment from its use. Because you live on this planet, you want to ensure that the planet can continue to provide both for yourself but for your children and your children’s children. Ensuring that they have a healthy planet to inhabit should be everyone’s responsibility.

Making the switch to solar may seem difficult or unnecessary. It’s not in the slightest. These benefits can be yours to enjoy when you switch to solar power in your home.