3 Emergency Accessories Every Building Should Have

Emergency situations occur every day, but not necessarily in the same place each time as some areas are prone to earthquakes while others are prone to storms. If there is a power outage situation, every building owner has to consider how easily tenants and other people inside can safely get out. LED emergency exit signs, for example, are essential for guiding individuals out of a structure and to safety, and since they consist of their own illuminating system, as long as they’re maintained, won’t fail when you need them the most. Here are three emergency accessories every building owner should consider installing in case an emergency does occur.

Emergency Lighting

In case of a power outage or fire, emergency lighting in a building, commercial or residential, is essential. Available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, the one that best suits the existing d├ęcor and gets the job done can be found. Choose from 2-head, LED square heads or decorative styles and then, consider picking up a couple of sets of batteries. This type of lighting is designed to last a number of years, but you are still advised to routinely test the batteries as well as the lights themselves.

Exit Signs

Exit signs in both commercial and residential buildings are a must. In non-emergency situations, these signs are a courtesy that help guide those visiting, working and living in the structure find their way out especially if it’s their first time in that building. In emergency situations, when cooler heads may not prevail, they act as beacons that could very well save lives.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits are a great method used to upgrade the quality of lighting in a structure without having to replace the current system. They’ve been proven to save money in regards to electricity use and in a short time, give you an attractive return on your investment. Available in kits, once installed, you can expect an improved light output. In an emergency situation, if the electricity hasn’t gone out, individuals will not have a problem seeing where they are going as they move around to find cover.

Installing efficient, powerful and cost-saving emergency accessories in a commercial and residential structure, even though they may not be often used, makes good sense. Being prepared helps you save on costs, like insurance, and helps prevent a possible tragedy.