4 Ways To Tell That Your Heating Or Cooling System Needs Maintenance

Your heating and cooling systems are extremely important to the health and comfort of everyone in your house. If you take the time to visit the website of a reputable heating and cooling contractor, you will usually see a place where you can “click here” to set up a service call. It is a good idea to click the button and have your heating and cooling systems looked at once each year. But there are signs you can look for throughout the year to tell if your heating and cooling systems need immediate attention.

Obvious Signs

Some of the more obvious signs that you need your HVAC systems inspected are loud clanking sounds when the systems are operating, the smell of smoke or smoke you can see, the systems won’t turn on when they are supposed to and the systems shut down unexpectedly. If any of these things happen, then contact a service organization immediately.

Temperature Changes

If your heating or cooling systems do not affect the temperature in your house like they are supposed to, then they need service. For example, you will need to call a service technician if you have your furnace set for 65 degrees, but the house only gets to 55. This also applies to instances where you set the furnace for 65 degrees and it heats the house to 85.

Slow To Take Effect

Your heating and cooling systems should only take a few minutes to bring your home to the temperature you have designated. If it takes your systems longer than 10 minutes to start bringing the temperature in your home to where you want it, then it is time to call a repair professional.

Runs For Hours

Sometimes homeowners can get concerned when their furnace turns on in the middle of summer for what appears to be no reason at all. It should be comforting to know that your heating and cooling systems will sometimes activate themselves for their own maintenance purposes. However, if your heating or cooling systems seem to run for hours without altering the temperature in your house, then maintenance is required.

It is important to not ignore the signs that your heating or cooling system may need maintenance. By paying close attention to the sounds and habits of your HVAC systems, you can bring in a technician to make minor repairs and save money.