Decorating Tips To Brighten Your Space

Most don’t want to live in spaces that feel dark, small or closed off. Because of this, finding ways to decorate your living spaces that will make them feel brighter and more expansive can be a good way to help a small space feel larger without having to make any drastic changes to your home. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your house and make it feel bigger and brighter, here are a couple of things to consider. 

Get New Lighting

One simple way to help brighten up your living spaces and help to make them feel larger is by getting the right kind of light fixtures. Whether you opt for lighting fixtures Bedford Park IL or another kind of light fixtures, new lighting can be an effective way to create the illusion of space within a small area. Lighting can be particularly helpful in expanding rooms that have no windows or are otherwise lacking adequate amounts of natural light. 

Take Care in Choosing Colors

The colors you select for your living spaces can also have a significant impact on how spacious they feel. When trying to make a space feel larger, it can be best to choose colors that are light, airy and bright. This is because dark colors tend to make spaces feel smaller, and may give them a closed-in feeling, while lighter colors are more open and reflective. Dark or bold colors may look beautiful in larger spaces, but in a smaller space, they may the room feel cramped or dank. By choosing pale colors, you can help to avoid feeling closed in and can create an illusion of space. 

The Bottom Line

Most don’t want to dwell in spaces that feel small or closed off. However, this may feel difficult to avoid if you have smaller living spaces.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t have any options. By paying attention to how you decorate and opting for quality lighting and pale colors, you can help to create the illusion of space. 

Relief Stress With Serenity Indoor Fountain

Stress could eventually lead to more significant and dangerous health conditions like hypertension, high blood pressure, or even stroke. In order to reverse this damage, steps have to be taken in order to allow the body to relax and begin to heal. A serenity indoor fountain is capable of starting a person on the path to better health.

Serenity indoor fountains provide stress relief with their melodious trickling water sounds. The sound of running water has been likened to the sounds that come from the womb during pregnancy which is considered the most comfortable period of life. These relaxing sounds provide background noise for those that desire company but isn’t loud enough to deter concentration. It is sometimes considered to be a concentration enhancer similar to the regular use of meditation. These same soothing sounds are an ideal addition to any bed time ritual where sleep has become hard to attain. If there is a companion in the household, the sound level on the fountain can be altered in order to avoid disturbing them.

Serenity indoor fountains also provide added protection from the annoyance of seasonal allergies. Water is considered nature’s humidifier since it tends to attract small particles of pollen, dust, and other debris from the air. As these particles are taken from the air, it is left more pure and breathable. Better air quality will help to combat the effects of living in a polluted society. Plants also benefit from the presence of serenity indoor fountains in the home since they bring moisture to any room they are in. Plants tend to flourish and last longer in these rooms.

relief-stress-with-serenity-indoor-fountain-1 relief-stress-with-serenity-indoor-fountain-2 relief-stress-with-serenity-indoor-fountain-3

One of the best ways to bounce back from the continued stress of modern life is to invest in a serenity indoor fountain. These fountains help to cleanse the air of the home which makes it easier for a person to endure the allergy seasons. With their ability to bring in needed moisture for proper breathing and their soothing sounds which reminds one of the comfort and peace of the womb, serenity indoor fountains are a great addition to any natural remedy program. These multifunctional pieces can be decorative, attractive, and custom made works of art that can add a tasteful twist to the standard decor.

Contemporary Decorative Pillows For Your Room

Adding some contemporary decorative pillows to your room can make it more inviting and attractive. You can change the position of your couches or chairs in the best place and angle of the pillows on top. This will make your room look lively than ever.

The contemporary pillows are really popular today. These pillows make the usual sofa to look sensual. Sometime, you get confused what style or print to use in your throw pillows that will match to your sofa. It gives more essence to your simple couch. But with these contemporary pillows, matching is not a problem. There are lots of styles and shapes that are available that will surely fit to your couches.


Using these throw pillows in accentuating your bedrooms of couches you are lightening your room by providing color variations. Most of the time, it gives you the cozier feeling especially if you get to sit down on your couches and relax. Color coordination is their main role why they are added in every room. It can truly ease the pain in your neck, back, and head.

The contemporary decorative pillows are made from micro fiber, linen, leather, and silk. Today, these pillows are not only manufactured to give comfort and relaxation. It also has a cosmetic personality. This aspect of the contemporary pillows serves as its artistic medium. This is another reason why people provide throw pillows on their couches.

The pillows all have detachable covers so that it is easy for you to laundry them. There are various patterns that are very contemporary. Some of the contemporary shapes of this throw pillow are whimsical, circular, rectangular, and cylindrical

These contemporary decorative pillows are very affordable and you can always make your place look stunning without spending too much. Whether you use it to set your bedroom or accentuate your favorite furniture, these throw pillows are your weapon to make them attractive and gorgeous.

decorative-pillows decorative-pillows-1

Start to decorate your places and make sure that you have thought of the details that you need and you want to apply. You do not have to hire a designer just to make everything look perfect. Just follow your instinct and you get the best decoration for your house.

Baby’s Nursery Decorating Ideas

One of the greatest pleasures of being a ‘new parent to be’ is designing your baby’s nursery. There is a wide variety of choices to choose from; antique, traditional, and modern. Although as a caveat, it should be suggested that no one uses an antique crib as they might have obvious and not so obvious dangers. Modern cribs are much safer, and a new crib gives parents peace of mind and baby a nice cozy nest to sleep in.

Whatever style of furniture you may decide on you will want to give some thought to your walls and window treatments when decorating as well. First off what colors are you going to use for your walls – are they going to be bright and bold or sweet and pastel. While thinking about the walls you may want to decide on some kind of cute border or maybe even having a mural added.


If a mural is to be added think about furniture placement first and then see where it will best fit. If you are artistic you could attempt to do this yourself but if you are not, a trip to your local baby furniture store could probably provide you with some names of people that do murals.

A craft store may even have stencils that could make this an easy do it yourself project. Murals are not just a modern aspect either – you could just as easily incorporate Beatrix Potter on to your child’s wall as Thomas the Tank Engine. Children’s books often times have simple drawings that if you practice a few times you can duplicate. Murals and borders can add such a decorative touch and really make a room stand out. Window treatments are always a problem because you have extremely limited choices.

Curtains and drapes for nurseries are hard to come by in stores, online, or by catalog. If you are handy and even if you are not, there are patterns you can get to help you make your own. Making curtains are probably one of the easiest sewing projects to tackle. You may find a wonderful fabric at a sewing store or you can always use printed bedding sheets. Using sheets is usually ideal because you can have a really decorative look. If you had a lamp stand in the room you could easily also make a matching slipcover for that also.

So much time is spent on buying the furniture and accessories, but equal time should be spent on how best to show everything off. Decorating a baby’s room can be one way for mom to really connect with her little one as she prepares for their arrival.

baby-boy-bedroom-decorating-ideas babys-rooms