Getting Equipment Moved

Moving equipment in a hospital can sometimes be difficult if you don’t have any kind of wheel on the bottom. This is where the medical casters come into play. There are various sizes that can be used, and you will see that transporting everything from food trays on a stand to patients in hospital beds is easier to accomplish.

One of the places where you will find casters on medical equipment is the patient’s bed. This is an important area as patients sometimes need to be transported to other areas of the hospital, but they might not be able to get out of bed and walk on their own or be pushed in a wheelchair. There is a locking device on the caster so that the bed stays in one place while in the room. Some patients desire a change of scenery. Casters make it possible for them to be taken outside or to an area where they can see the outside world. This can make a huge difference in the recovery process.

Most equipment that you see in a hospital doesn’t have a compact design to make it easy to carry from one floor to another. Some pieces can weight 25 pounds alone. When you need to take several items at one time, casters can make a difference as they take a lot of the pressure off of the back and the legs when transporting. There are also lightweight casters that can help with smaller items, such as coolers that might have medications in them or blood that needs to get to a lab.

Larger machines, such as those used for x-rays or ultrasounds, are very heavy. Casters will make it easy to maneuver the machines around corners and into rooms of patients who aren’t able to get to a testing area. They can be used on IV poles so that patients can still get the medications needed while they are in another part of the hospital. The caster turns easily, and there is often a skid area that helps get the equipment stopped if there is anything on the floor.