Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of those seasonal tasks that many homeowners dread. The hassle and mess from accumulated debris – not to mention the risk of climbing a ladder – combines to make this a difficult and dangerous home maintenance task. Yet, putting off the cleaning can lead to costly gutter repair Portland from damages caused by not getting rid of the trash in a timely manner.

If you find yourself in need of a repair service, here are a few things to consider before hiring a service company to ensure your gutter continues to work efficiently.

Ask Questions – and Expect Honest Answers

One of the best ways to assess different gutter repair contractors is to ask a set of questions. Ask about the type of maintenance work each company performs. Some companies offer a full inspection of the gutter system before making repairs.

Ask what types of repairs are provided such as tightening loose connections, resealing end caps or replacing downspouts. Find out if there are limitations on building height and if rates change for higher gutter systems. It is important to understand how the service company assesses charges.

Get Several Estimates

For each company you are considering, request an estimate on what it will cost to have work done on your gutter. Try to get at least three and compare to determine which one offers the better service for the best value.

Factor in experience and skill level for each company. A new repair service might give you a very low offer simply to get your business. While this might be enticing, hiring an inexperienced company is not always the best thing to do. It is a risk hiring their service. You might not receive quality work and will have to hire a second company to fix your original problem and correct the one the novice company made.

Avoid Industry Scams

Practically every industry has its own set of scammer. The gutter repair and maintenance industry is no exception. Before you hire anyone, make sure you receive a written contract that details the work the company will perform. The contract should include a timeframe for completion and cost.

Once you hire a gutter repair company, pay attention to the work they perform to ensure you are receiving the service you need.

Gutters are sometimes the last thing homeowners think need attention. However, ignoring them could cause damages to the house. Make sure servicing your gutter becomes a regular part of maintaining the exterior of your home.

Buying a New HVAC System

You might not be pleased with the performance of your furnace. It is 20 years old and outlived its usefulness. There is also a chance that you are fed up with using window air conditioners to cool your home during the hot summer months. You want to have cool air throughout your entire home. If this is the case, it is time for you to make the investment in a new HVAC system. This is a big purchase. Therefore, it is not something that you should rush into without giving it some very serious thought. Here are the primary considerations that must be made prior to making such a purchase.

1. Consult with other people who have recently purchased an HVAC system.

Get advice from people you trust about what is involved in purchasing and installing a new HVAC system. This is not something you should go into blindly. It would help to get some advice from people who have already been through the process. You can learn from their mistakes. You can also visit the homes of these people and take a close look at their HVAC system. You can then decide if you want the same type of HVAC system in your own home. You should make a note of the company that made their HVAC system. You also need to find out the name of the contractor who handled the installation work.

2. Purchase the HVAC system that meets your needs.

Some HVAC systems are very powerful and meant to provide heating and cooling to large homes. Make sure the HVAC system you buy is not bigger and more powerful than it needs to be. You should only buy an HVAC system that has a very long manufacturer warranty. This will ensure that you will not need to pay costly repair fees if something should go wrong with it.

3. Find a reputable HVAC installation contractor.

Many contractors offer HVAC installation service. You will need to find one who has been in the business for a very long time. It would also be wise to hire someone who can perform heat pump maintenance Newport News VA. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and find out a contractor’s rating before you agree to hire him. You will also need to verify that he has the proper license and insurance coverage for himself and his helpers.


Bamboo flooring has been popular among the population in Asian countries for a few hundred years. This bamboo flooring can be identified in two different categories which are regular and strand woven bamboo flooring, according to the quality and durability. Due to its usability, ease of maintenance, and simple look, western countries have started adopting the use of the latter, which is in the higher end of the pricing spectrum for its quality.

Strand woven bamboo floor comes under hard flooring options with a solid construction. A 72 inch piece can cost as low as $3 and can be environmentally friendly. Even though bamboo belongs to a grass family, bamboo flooring can be stronger than many other materials. It is advised against waxing the floor that is made of bamboo. For its water resistant power, bamboo flooring strand woven can be cleaned using a wet mop but it is advised not to wash with splashing water.

Strand woven bamboo floors with UV cured polyurethane or aluminum oxide finish can be installed with nails and glued down. This suits well for basement installations. They also go over well with condominiums with a concrete sub-floor. Strand woven bamboo flooring that is made by laminating the long strips of bamboo together under high pressure, is mainly used in the commercial complexes as well in residential ones. The high pressure lamination process gives the material a longer life and the colors blend well with the finished product.

Woven strand bamboo flooring comes in different designs and shades such as zebra lines, natural, and carbonized ones. Bamboo strips that are hammered, fabricated, clumped and compressed into a single block with high density strand woven give an exceptional look to commercial places but also blend well with homes as well. A combination of these sliced strips mixed with an approximately fitting tongue gives an extraordinary look to the floors. A great advantage with these types of flooring is their compatibility with commercial property as well as with residential.

Strand woven bamboo flooring can normally be placed over any sub flooring such as concrete or wood. Its micro beveled edge design with solid bamboo wood construction supports the structural placement that is above, below, or on grade. It is important to see and check if the box contains the installation guide. It is also advised to order minimum of at least 5% added to the original estimation, to keep as a cushion, in case of any future usage or as a replacement for a damaged area. It is also suggested to examine the pieces for the right color and quality before installation so that the necessary changes can be made well in advance.

How do you take a bathroom from blah to wow on a shoestring budget?

Picture this. You have a perfectly functional bathroom with great plumbing. There are no leaks, no moldy tile, and no electrical problems. It’s a solid space with absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, it looks like a picture from the 1960’s. The tile is in good shape but dated, and the orange floor tile leaves too much to the imagination. The only upgrades that are needed are purely cosmetic. However, there’s one problem. You don’t have much money to work with. How do you take a bathroom from blah to wow on a shoestring budget? Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort. A few strategic moves are all you need to create an amazing bathroom transformation.

A Little Paint
Paint is magic. It can take a dull boring room from yawn to wow. The best part is that you don’t have to paint the whole bathroom. Accent walls are quite effective when it comes to making a big splash with minimal effort. Painting is a decorating strategy that instantly transforms a room.

Change those Fixtures
Although it doesn’t seem as if changing your faucet fixtures and light plates would make much of a difference, it does. Small details like this are actually not as subtle as you think. Faucet fixtures can easily become a focal point in a small room like a bathroom. This is one area where you may want to spend a little more. Fixtures can be extremely beautiful and elegant. They have the ability to help set the tone of a room as well.

Be Creative with the Flooring
Flooring can be expensive. However, there are affordable alternatives that you can utilize to downplay a dated floor. Beautiful throw rugs are often enough to take a lot of the focus off the floor and draw it to the rugs themselves. You may even consider linoleum that looks like marble or some other high-end material. Bathrooms are small areas. As a result, the investment should be fairly minimal, unlike hvac hampton va repair.    .

You don’t have to accept that dated and fading bathroom. It is possible to bring your old bathroom into the present without breaking the bank. Use paint for an instant transformation. Choose nice fixtures to accent the room, and be creative with your flooring choice. The best part of these accents is that you won’t go broke with these simple touches. However, you will succeed in bringing your bathroom out of the dark ages.