Has it been a bedtime ritual to read the paper, or perhaps a great book, before you go to bed?  Then you must know how extraordinarily uncomfortable it must be with all the tossing and turning from your flat bed surface in the means to try to find a comfortable position so that you can read in peace and relaxation.  Then here is a perfect solution for you: reading pillows.  So instead of doing that elbow prop that causes your entire arm to fall asleep and/or turn numb, you can just sit back, relax, and lounge with your reading material allowing for a better night’s sleep.

What a reading pillow looks like is basically the top half of a comfy recliner.  Imagine the comfort of your bed with the convenience of your big, peace-bringing recliner.  Some are made with built-in, remote controlled back massagers and some even have cup holders for ultimate convenience.  You may also get a pillow with pockets to store your reading material so that you can save it for the next night’s reading session.  A bed reading pillow can become a great addition to your home furnishing repertoire as it will add a sense of thrill, in means of having something a little different than the average reading Joe.   Not only are bed reading pillows different and innovative, they are also extremely stylish!  Available in all sizes and colors, get one that will suit your needs.

If you wish to look into alternative pillows for reading, then you may also try out a reading wedge pillow.  They are essentially made to serve for the same purpose as any other pillow for reading, but they are shaped quite differently for full support as well.  Wedged pillows are also just as custom as normal ones.  They too can come with arms, pockets, and back massagers, the only difference is that there is an incline to the pillow so you can really lay back and relax while you get to read.

Ultimately, for any reader, reading pillows are the best thing to hit the bed since the invention of the pillow and blanket.  So stop all that elbow propping and save yourself some time for a little extra reading without all the tossing and turning to take up some of that time and most importantly be more comfortable and get a little bit more of that relaxation that you know you deserve.