Spot Cooling Server Rooms with Portable Air Units

Portable air conditioners serve to cool a smaller area. Portable cooling is essential for achieving efficient cooling for a dedicate space, while controlling humidity levels. Spot cooling server rooms is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect technical resources without substantially increasing energy costs.

Advantages of Portable Air Units

Portable air conditioning units are often thought of as cooling resources for a home. The unit is a mobile resource that can be placed wherever it is desired.

Flexibility. The flexibility is ideal for businesses that want to share the resource with other areas as needed. The flexibility makes it a wonderful solution that can act as a bridge while a company transitions to another location or area in a business.

Simple installation. Easy installation is another advantage of the spot cooling option. The solution can be installed without any extensive expertise. Most units require minimal tool resources to successfully install.

Affordability. Larger units and cooling systems can prove to be a considerable investment for some companies. Companies don’t have to stretch their budget to achieve comparable cooling results with the solution.

Server Maintenance Requirements

Extreme heat and humidity can cause the systems to work much harder than it normally would in recommended conditions. Equipment is also more prone to failure when equipment isn’t operated in optimal temperatures. Equipment shutdowns can result when temperatures exceed certain levels.

Maintaining the server room requires controls reducing humidity levels and promoting proper air flow. In focusing on these two elements, companies are able to protect their equipment. Instead of devoting resources to more costly solutions, companies can opt for a portable room air conditioner.