Bamboo flooring has been popular among the population in Asian countries for a few hundred years. This bamboo flooring can be identified in two different categories which are regular and strand woven bamboo flooring, according to the quality and durability. Due to its usability, ease of maintenance, and simple look, western countries have started adopting the use of the latter, which is in the higher end of the pricing spectrum for its quality.

Strand woven bamboo floor comes under hard flooring options with a solid construction. A 72 inch piece can cost as low as $3 and can be environmentally friendly. Even though bamboo belongs to a grass family, bamboo flooring can be stronger than many other materials. It is advised against waxing the floor that is made of bamboo. For its water resistant power, bamboo flooring strand woven can be cleaned using a wet mop but it is advised not to wash with splashing water.

Strand woven bamboo floors with UV cured polyurethane or aluminum oxide finish can be installed with nails and glued down. This suits well for basement installations. They also go over well with condominiums with a concrete sub-floor. Strand woven bamboo flooring that is made by laminating the long strips of bamboo together under high pressure, is mainly used in the commercial complexes as well in residential ones. The high pressure lamination process gives the material a longer life and the colors blend well with the finished product.

Woven strand bamboo flooring comes in different designs and shades such as zebra lines, natural, and carbonized ones. Bamboo strips that are hammered, fabricated, clumped and compressed into a single block with high density strand woven give an exceptional look to commercial places but also blend well with homes as well. A combination of these sliced strips mixed with an approximately fitting tongue gives an extraordinary look to the floors. A great advantage with these types of flooring is their compatibility with commercial property as well as with residential.

Strand woven bamboo flooring can normally be placed over any sub flooring such as concrete or wood. Its micro beveled edge design with solid bamboo wood construction supports the structural placement that is above, below, or on grade. It is important to see and check if the box contains the installation guide. It is also advised to order minimum of at least 5% added to the original estimation, to keep as a cushion, in case of any future usage or as a replacement for a damaged area. It is also suggested to examine the pieces for the right color and quality before installation so that the necessary changes can be made well in advance.