Do You Need to Have Your AC Serviced?

As summer gets underway, you may be thinking about whether or not your home’s HVAC system is ready for more frequent use during the warmer weather. Here are three signs that you may need to have your HVAC serviced or replaced.

1. Your Air Conditioning Has a Smell

If the air coming out of your AC has a noticeable odor that’s kind of dirty or dusty, then you probably need to have it cleaned. Your evaporator coils need to be cleaned annually, and the vents throughout your home also need to be cleaned periodically in order to ensure that the air quality inside of your home is okay.

2. Your Energy Bill Has Suddenly Skyrocketed

A surge in your energy bill that goes beyond the increase that you typically see in summer may indicate that your HVAC system is working overtime. This could be for a number of reasons including improper cleaning or maintenance, low freon, blocked condenser lines, or system age. If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, it probably makes more sense to invest in a new system rather than a costly repair. If you need a new AC Staten Island, work with a well-reviewed company who can offer you a competitive estimate for installation.

3. The Vent in One Room Isn’t Working Well

If only one vent isn’t blowing out air as forcefully as it normally does, you may have a connection problem in your ductwork. Over time, connections can become loose and in some cases totally disconnected. Also, it’s possible that animals in your attic or crawlspace have caused a tear in your ductwork or have created an obstruction.

If you suspect that you have a problem with your HVAC system, it’s best to address it before temperatures reach their peak. The longer a problem goes unaddressed, the greater the chance that a small problem could lead to a big problem or a total system failure. 

Keeping Comfortable in Your House throughout the Year

Your home’s central air and heating system is important to your family’s comfort and wellness. When one or both facets of the system stop working, you and your loved ones can be too hot, too cold, and also have breathing difficulties because of the adverse indoor environment. Rather than attempting to fix the system by yourself, you may find it better to click online and find out why you should rely on professional repair services. You can also save money if you take advantage of online savings.

Repair Services for Your Central Unit

Any number of things can go wrong with your heating and AC throughout the year. It can get clogged up and stop blowing out properly cooled or heated air. It can also run low on Freon in the summertime and blow out hot air during the hottest times of the summer. Even if you know somewhat about the necessary repairs, you may be prohibited by your homeowner’s insurance company, if not state law, from making the fixes on your own. Rather than let the repairs go unattended, you can instead rely on a professional service company to have these issues addressed quickly.

The service professional who comes to your home can diagnose the problem quickly using a variety of equipment at his or her disposal. For example, some repair techs use volt meters and other gear that determines if the unit is running properly or what temperature of air it is blowing out into your home.

These individuals also know how to fill up the Freon without causing harm to your home or the environment. Freon is a toxic liquid that can cause damage to your home and the ground around the unit. A technician knows how to dispense it quickly and safely.

Maintenance Services

Another reason to hire a professional involves having your unit maintained properly at different times in the year. Before you turn it on for the summer and off for the fall, you may wish to have the AC filters replaced to ensure the air is clean and cold.

Likewise, you may want to have the heating system’s pilot light checked and the filters replaced before turning the unit on for the winter. You can take advantage of seasonal pricing to save money.

Your home’s AC and heater are important to your comfort. You can have them serviced professionally by going online today.