Tips On Keeping Your Basement Dry

Modern basements hold everything from expensive home theatres to spectacular recreation rooms. Once you have spent the time and money to create one of these elegant living spaces, the last thing that you want is for it to become plagued by flood or mold. In order to prevent water damage in your home’s below-ground level, it’s best to plan ahead and waterproof your basement.

Inspect For Moisture
Keeping your basement dry begins with an excess moisture inspection. Search for cracks, leaks, ground settling, visible water leaks, or moisture discoloration. Once needed repairs have been made, running a dehumidifier will help to dry out your basement. Additionally, it’s best that you regularly inspect your basement for waterproofing so that you can prevent future flooding and protect your investment.

Add A Sump Pump
Frequent leaking in your basement may require the installation of a sump pump. There are several types available to choose from. However, submersible style pump will prevent damp air from circulating throughout your home.

Install A French Drain
Keeping your basement bone dry may require the installation of a French drain. An interior or exterior French drain can be installed along the inner or outer perimeter of your basement and then connected to your sump pump system. In order to install the French drain, you may need to disturb some of the basement’s existing floor system. If you have a French drain in place but are in need of some repairs to your system, call a professional in your local area. For example, for French drain repair Erie Pennsylvania home owners can count on, they should enlist the help of an Erie French drain specialist.

Follow These Guidelines
A finished basement is a great way to get the extra living space you crave for a fraction of the price of an above-ground addition. The extra space that you create when finishing your basement adds value to your property and creates a wonderful space for you to enjoy. Before you finish your basement, consider the possibility of future moisture problems and plan ahead with the addition of a sump pump and French drain. If you already have these systems in place, check them regularly to ensure that they are working. If you are having problems with your French drain, enlist the help of a local professional to fix the issue. Follow these guidelines, and your basement is sure to stay dry for years to come.