Colors And Automation For The Kitchen

When the kitchen remodeling project is in sight, there are a few trends that you might want to look at as they are easy to do and will fall in line with some of the other kitchens across the country. A kitchen remodeling San Diego contractor can help you with the larger details of the design, such as the painting, installation of new cabinets and countertops and replacing the appliances if you want new ones in the kitchen.

One of the things that you might want to do is to change the look of the sink. Fresh colors, such as green and blue, are popular when it comes to kitchen sinks instead of white or metal. Keep the counters white or a neutral color so that the sink will stand out. Match the rest of the decorations in the kitchen with the sink so that everything blends together beautifully.

Bold fixtures can also improve the look of the kitchen, giving it a modern appearance. Oversized lights above a dining table or an island will light up the room. Black fabrics on the windows can help to create depth in the room when you use larger lights. Another idea is to contrast light and shadow. A white counter with a mosaic backsplash can create a beautiful look that also appears as though there is a bit of shadow play. You could use any assortment of colors in the mosaic, such as cream, gray and olive green as the colors will coordinate well with the white counters. The cabinet facings should be a darker color for a sharper contrast with the rest of the room.

Tiered drawers are a popular remodeling idea when it comes to storage. You’ll have a large drawer with two different compartments, giving more storage space for lids, bowls and other items that tend to get lost in one large drawer. Automation is another feature that you want to add to the kitchen. From automated sinks to sensors in the lights so that they come on when you are in front of them, almost everything can be automated in the room so that you touch as few surfaces as possible.